Welcome to Yesmap

Launched fully in 2022, Yesmap is the public face, and communications hub of Newgon Organization, a Minor Attracted Person (MAP) inclusive activist group founded in 2007.

As a server funded by Newgon for the wider MAP community, we host communication, file-sharing and archiving facilities. Yesmap pursues the goal of organized activism within our growing community, providing social media accounts, verification services and public advocacy training to our volunteers.

Aiming to counteract online harms including censorship, extremism and the propagation of hate, we provide activists with what they need to organize on our server, on other MAP Activist servers, and throughout the clear web social landscape. Efficient, organized, evidence-based visibility campaigns help us combat misinformation concerning our demographic, and secure the present-day visibility and future rights of MAPs and Young People.

Yesmap has also made inroads in the Fediverse, hosting a Matrix server from 2022 to 2024, and a Mastodon Instance from 2024 onward.

In 2022, and 2023, Yesmap helped found the activist group, PCMA, which has been responsible for many millions of impressions on social media such as X, Reddit and Quora. While Yesmap and PCMA are no longer connected, the latter is now a well-known and successful organization within our space, and a hub for MAP thought-leaders to share ideas and emerging trends at the cutting edge of online activism.

An anti-offending, yet pro-law-reform project, Yesmap reflects the modern, forward-minded, yet moderate and sustainable values of Newgon Organization. Commonly referred to as "Radical Incrementalism", our approach informs Newgon Organization's slogan: "Radical Philosophy, Moderate Demands".

A deeper history of Newgon

As our article explains, Newgon was founded by a group of brave teenage and Minor MAP Activists in 2007, following a campaign of harassment by Anti-MAPs and censorship by Google.

While a similar term, Minor Attracted Adult had seen some previous use, Newgon's founders were responsible for the birth of online Minor Attracted Person (MAP) discourse that year. They organized their information campaign from a series of (eventually self-hosted) blogging sites, forums, Secular-Rationalist bulletin boards and Wikipedia.

As well as contributing to the language MAPs use today, Newgon started its own forum, later hosting a year-long discussion seeking ideas for a flag, with some of the proposals influencing designs that are used this very day. Other than its "infiltration" of Wikipedia, Newgon's greatest claim to notoriety is the 2009 Law and Order: SVU episode said by its producer to have been based loosely on the organization. In this episode, the global leader of a "pedophile network" is cross-examined in a courtroom, producing a series of "well-worn justifications" and excuses typical of Anti-MAP portrayals at the time.

By the mid-2010s, the project became less active, and was kept online in archive form until 2021. Following the commencement of American "Groomer Panic" and viral publicity for MAPs, its previous host and supporter, Jim Burton, decided to restart activity via the Yesmap Server.