As a supported project of the International Newgon Organization, we provide NewgonWiki (a website with MAP research, information and promotional materials) with its primary address at Yesmap also acts as NewgonWiki's URL shortener.

Membership Communities

For our Mastodon Instance, see If you wish to sign up as a member, please read our rules here before using the invite link enclosed.

RT Chat and Forums

For our RocketChat Facility, you must be a trusted person with a track record of operating as an activist, researcher or thought leader in the MAP Community.

A good place to integrate yourself into the community is the PCMA chat, which we oversaw as host between 2022 and 2024. It should be disclaimed that while these chat rooms do not allow the sharing of explicit media, they are independent of Yesmap and known for hosting lively discussions that some may find offensive.

Besides activism

If you are looking for a more casual chat experience with like-minded MAPs, Yesmap recommends OMC. Similar facilities are available at LifeLine, which uses a more old-fashioned interface. Traditional forums exist for both BL and GL MAPs, although the community is seeking to modernize via less gender-discriminate media such as Fediverse. A gender-indiscriminate private forum is run by the Mental Health Charity, B4U-ACT. This is generally visited by "moderate" MAPs. Another such initiative is being set up under the "Union Project" banner, carrying more of a youth-rights/public advocacy emphasis than B4U-ACT.

Explicitly anti-contact organizations do exist, some of which describe themselves as preventionists. There is some evidence of malicious behavior on anti-c parts of Fediverse and, but Yesmap is unaware of any such reports against Virped, or MSC, which are associated with and funded by identifiable charities and individuals.