Yesmap follows a simplified ethos, based on that of Newgon Organization:

  1. Work to depathologize supposed Paraphilias absent evidence of inevitable harm. While Hebephilia is already acknowledged as too widely prevalent to constitute a Paraphilia, it still carries enormous stigma. Challenging the social stigma surrounding Pedophilia and its misuse, will help combat the distress already acknowledged in the stigmatizing diagnosis of "Pedophilic Disorder".

  2. Support the rights of young people, while endorsing a non-offending lifestyle for both Minor Attracted People (MAPs) and Adult Attracted Minors (AAMs). This also includes opposing laws against fictional outlets and contesting the carceral approach to Youth Erotica, almost 100% of which is nowadays produced by minors.

  3. Work to end legal discrimination against people who have "sexually offended", and challenge sex exceptionalism, Sex Offender Registries (SORs), and all post-conviction laws that discriminate against "sexual offenders".

  4. Inclusivity as a project to support fellowship. Do not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicity or other personal characteristics such as sexual orientation, religion or politics.

Official Guidance

We also provide official guidance as per Newgon Organization, having conducted field research on a number of topics of relevance to the MAP Community. Yesmap seeks to present clear and concise information to help MAPs avoid dangerous situations and offending behaviors.

Newgon's Ethos page links to advice sections on topics such as Coming out, Communicating with "minors", and the safety of Fediverse.

Newgon also publishes its Guide to Computer Security.