NewgonWiki itself represents an enormous body of knowledge. In some cases, however, Newgon has published particularly important PDF documents under the Yesmap Header, and made press-releases.






Like other Civil Rights Organizations, Yesmap officially designates extremist hate campaigns. In our case, these are organizations that target Minor Attracted People, using extremist language and inciting hate.

We only publish an official designation after prolonged research into the activities of the organization in focus. We place preliminary advisory notices against other such organizations.

Yesmap has also undertaken activities to deradicalize MAPs, when we reasonably believe they may have been prepared to carry out illegal or harmful acts.

Designated Extremist Hate Campaigns

Organizations on Advisory Notice

We do not list single-purpose "pedophile hunting" groups, as there are too many of them to research for signs of extremism. However, we do curate a larger list of hostile entities.